The roots of Fritz-Alder Precast can be traced back to its founder, Tom Fritz, who first ventured into precast concrete in 1972. Tom's natural talent for innovation and his commitment to quality soon turned his endeavours into a thriving agricultural precast business.


1970s - 2000s


Over the next four decades, Fritzall (as it was previously known) expanded its services, becoming a general contractor for farmers and offering complete barn structures, in addition to industrial and commercial buildings. The company's expertise in concrete bases for wind turbines opened doors to renewable power solutions, including high-tech FIT solar installations.






Notably, Fritzall placed great emphasis on maintaining the highest level of quality control when working on projects for the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant. This is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to quality and meticulous process controls in of concrete manufacturing.



In 2014, Fritzall crossed paths with Alder Concrete Group, marking a significant turning point. Recognizing immediate synergies between the two companies, Fritzall entered the high-rise residential market by providing structural and architectural panels.


The collaboration between Fritzall and Alder sparked a shared vision to expand their precast offerings, particularly through the exploration of Hollowcore. As they worked together on various projects, it became evident that by combining their forces, they could leverage the expertise of Fritzall as an experienced, innovative, and quality-driven precaster, alongside Alder's established market presence, sales capabilities, and installation expertise, which included Hollowcore installation.




2018 - 2019


In 2018, the owners of Alder joined the ownership group of Fritzall, solidifying the collaboration. The next step was an expansion of the existing Fritzall plant in Chepstow, reflecting their shared commitment to growth and providing enhanced capabilities.


In May 2019, Fritz-Alder successfully achieved CSA certification for Hollowcore production. This achievement, coupled with the vision and partnership between Fritzall and Alder, led to a rebranding and a new operating name—Fritz-Alder Precast.