Offering the most Hollowcore options in the Ontario market: unique profiles, 6″ – 16″ thicknesses, 1 and 2 hour options. Our hollowcore slabs are lighter and hold more capacity than any other in the martket.

Hollowcore is used for floor and roof systems.  It is manufactured by extruding drycast concrete over pre-stressed strands to engineered specifications. The pre-stressed strands reduce the amount of reinforcement typically required in poured concrete floors for comparable spans. Hollowcore slabs have continuous voids throughout, reducing weight, increasing load capacity and lowering cost.

Hollowcore is engineered in such a way that, despite having voids, the product delivers immense strength and load bearing capability.

The Benefits of Hollowcore

  • Consistent quality & precision
  • Controlled casting conditions
  • Exceeds provincial fire ratings
  • Sound resistant
  • Longest span to depth ratios
  • Voids allow access for trades
  • Can be used as finished ceilings
  • Fewer man hours on site
  • Reduces project risk
  • All weather installation
  • Speed of construction
  • Finished floor/ceiling
  • Working platform

Shear Compaction

Fritz-Alder Precast introduces the world’s most advanced technology, shear compaction, to the Ontario market. Shear compaction eliminates vibrating in the extruder resulting in controlled consistency between slabs and greatly reducing differential camber.

Our state of the art facility and hollowcore equipment provides maximum flexibility with sections, strand patterns and thicknesses
(6” – 16”). Fritz-Alder Precast offers clients the most hollowcore options in the market to best match your project requirements.